All that Cattolica offers

Known by most as the Queen of the Adriatic, Cattolica is a quiet and fun resort. The beaches, protected by a breakwater that shelters from the waves and the shallow sea bed, are ideal for bathing your children. Cattolica has three faces: the harbour, the old town and the tourist area, but those who visit it are undoubtedly impressed by the welcome and kindness that characterises its inhabitants. A kindness that can also be found in the landscape.
In fact, all around Cattolica, the hills seem to hold it in a gentle embrace.

Entroterra Romagnolo

San Marino

san_marinoPerched on Mount Titano, the town of San Marino is accessible through four ‘gates’, and encloses the most important monuments and places of interest: the three ‘pens’, i.e., the medieval towers that are the symbol of San Marino, the Basilica del Santo, the Monastery of Santa Chiara, the Gate and Church of San Francesco, the Ombrelli district and the Piazzetta del Titano. Last but certainly not least. Piazza della Libertà, with its exceptional panoramic terrace.


gradaraThe small town of Gradara is nestled between the first and second walls surrounding the village and the castle. The latter, with its inner rooms, still bears the memory of the splendours of the powerful families that ruled here: Malatesta, Sforza and Della Rovere.


mondaino “Mondaino owes its name to the cult of Diana, the goddess of hunting. When one speaks of Mondaino’s history, the Middle Ages immediately come to mind, for the fortress that towers over the town, its castle walls and also for the famous historical reconstruction of the Palio del Daino, which enlivens the village every summer.

San Leo

san-leoThis interesting medieval town is especially famous for the story of Count Cagliostro, the famous alchemist, who was imprisoned here. Romanesque buildings – the Parish Church, Cathedral and Bell Tower – can still be admired in San Leo, while the residential buildings underwent numerous transformations mainly during the Renaissance period.


pennabilliPennabilli is a characteristic town with a mediaeval layout. It owes its urban layout to the union of two ancient castles, that of Billi above the Rupe and that of Penna above the Roccione. Here, the Malatesta family probably settled before descending to Verucchio and Rimini.

Activities and Sport

Nordic walking


Questa attività sportiva, che in origine veniva praticata esclusivamente nei paesi nordici, ora si è diffusa moltissimo anche alle nostre latitudini.

Teatro delle escursioni sono le bellezze naturalistiche e paesaggistiche del parco del Conca e della costa.

Riviera Horses

Horses Riviera Resort si sviluppa su una superficie di circa centoventimila metri quadrati, su un’area rurale della Valconca. Il centro ippico di San Giovanni in Marignano è stato progettato su misura per cavalli e cavalieri, e ospita gare nazionali ed internazionali di salto ostacoli.

Photo by Max Ryazanov